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Cowabunga Dude! As close as you can get to the Bonzai Pipeline without actually being there. The landing is also a lot softer on wipeouts! From beginner to pro, this game's got 10 speeds. Can you shred or are you a kook? Try this game and you'll soon find out! Check out the high quality graphics!

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Item Details

Model #:     SS18
Size:    18' L x 18' W x 8' H
Weight:     700 lbs.


Standard (No additional cost):


* Note: Additional cost may be added for PMS (Pantone) colors.

Vinyl Weights

7oz. | 10oz. | 14oz. | 18oz. | 22oz.

* Lead-free.


Air blower
Tie-down straps
Ground stakes
Ground tarp
Repair kit
Storage bag
Set-up instructions
Banners (optional)

Additional Info

Pricing does not include shipping and freight costs. Shipping F.O.B. San Diego, CA. All games can be branded with your company's name and/or logo and build to your specifications. Custom designs are available. Concept art is available at no additional cost.