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Combatants take their corners in an inflatable boxing ring and come out fighting with hilarious looking, giant boxing gloves! No three knock down rule in effect here! Complete with inflatable boxing ring, big gloves and protective headgear!

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Item Details

Model #:     BG25
Size:    25' L x 25' W x 5' H
Weight:     300 lbs.
Shipping Weight:     521 lbs.


Standard (No additional cost):


* Note: Additional cost may be added for PMS (Pantone) colors.

Vinyl Weights

7oz. | 10oz. | 14oz. | 18oz. | 22oz.

* Lead-free.


Air blower
Tie-down straps
Ground stakes
Ground tarp
Repair kit
Storage bag
Set-up instructions
Banners (optional)

Additional Info

Pricing does not include shipping and freight costs. Shipping F.O.B. San Diego, CA. All games can be branded with your company's name and/or logo and build to your specifications. Custom designs are available. Concept art is available at no additional cost.