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What type of material is used in inflatable manufacturing?

A cold-air inflatable is made with Vinyl Coated Nylon (VCN). VCN is manufactured with use of nylon "scrim" which gives the fabric its support. Liquid vinyl is then colored, poured over the scrim and set to harden. VCN comes is various weights from 3 ounce to 22 ounce. The design and use of the inflatable determines which weight VCN is used. The inside support system of an inflatable is made of 210 or 420 Denier. Denier is very similar to parachute materials and it is standard for this fabric to be Flame Retardant.

Can VCN be Flame Retardant (FR)?

Yes, VCN can be purchased FR. In fact, the material Interactive Inflatables uses meets the NFPA 701 FR test (extinguishes within 3.7 seconds), the highest industry standard.

Can VCN be ordered in any color?

Yes, VCN can be matched with the international Pantone Matching System color code (PMS) supplied by the buyer. Choosing a preferred PMS color may delay the production time. Our fabric vendor upon request manufactures these specific colors, only. Check with Interactive Inflatables for approximated lead-time.

How does a cold-air inflatable stay inflated?

An inflatable uses a continuous blowing fan to stay inflated. A continuous power supply is needed to operate and inflatable.

What type of fans do they use?

The range begins with an internal fan (for smaller inflatables) to 1.5+ horsepower fans. The fans consume usually between 7 AMPS and 20 AMPS.

Can these fans be wired for international use?

Yes, Interactive Inflatables can wire fans for international use and supply the client with country-specific electric plugs.

Can inflatables be internally lit?

Yes, most shapes and product replicas can be internally lit. Consult your Interactive Inflatable sales representative.

How do you install an inflatable?

Parking Log, Park, Beach, Store Front installations are rather simple. Each product comes with a complete instruction manual for these types of installations. It is important that inflatable are staked down at all corners and protected by the supplied ground tarp before the inflation fan is turned on. Turn the inflation fan on and guide the inflatable to its proper position as it inflates. A professional should handle Rooftop Installation . Interactive Inflatables offers installation services.

How long can an inflatable stay inflated?

Inflatables can stay inflated for as long as the fan is working properly and the weather permits.

What is permit able weather when using an inflatable?

An inflatable should not be used when winds exceed 25 mph, if it's raining or snowing outside. (It is ok to set up an inflatable on snow as long as the fan is protected from water damage). Definitely bring the inflatable down if there is lightening.

What type of art processes are used in the manufacture of inflatables?

Several different processes. Our Art Department employs hand art (paintbrushes), airbrushing, silk screening and digital imaging.

How do we supply Interactive Inflatables with artwork files for manufacturing?

The best way to send us your files is to e-mail us with the file attachments. If you think the files are too big, at the top of the page, click on "Client Log In" and drop your files in there.

What warranty does Interactive Inflatable extend?

Interactive Inflatables Warranty covers all of our products for one year on workmanship and materials. For more information see the Warranty page.

Are there any accessories that come with the inflatable?

Interactive Inflatables concentrates on Turn-Key execution. Each product is accessorized with a carrying bag, 50' extension cord, steel stakes, ground tarp, safety tethers, repair kit and instruction manual.