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Inflatable Sky Guys

Push your sales through the roof, and add more profit to your promotions with outdoor advertising inflatables! These roof-top dancing guys command attention to your special event. Get your store noticed with Inflatable Sign Dancing Guys, Inflatable Tube Dancers Guys , Inflatable Sign Dancers and Promotional Cold-Air Inflatable Dancers and bring excitement to your promotional events!


Interactive inflatable cold-air Inflatable Dancers and promotional Tube Dancers are made right here in the USA of the highest quality materials and manufacturing process in the industry. The wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man's body and arms fly in all directions attracting the attention of your customers passing by. Sky Tube Dancers and Inflatable Air Tube Dancers are the perfect solution to increase visibility and when promotional space is limited. These entertaining inflatable dancing tubes can make a big statement at your business. We can make your Inflatable Sign Dancers in any height, color and with a custom message in just weeks or less. Included is the Tube Dancer body, custom lettering, blower used to inflate the Tube Dancer, carrying bag and repair kit. Since 1994 we have been the leading inflatable manufacturer using the highest quality made in the USA fabrics and best sewing techniques in the industry. The Sign Dancer is made with strong and durable nylon Rip-Stop Nylon material that has an integrated special UV protection from the sun. Give us call ,we can have an custom made Inflatable dancer ready for you quickly.

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