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Sealed Air Inflatables

Interactive Inflatables can help you make the impression you want with a sealed air inflatable!
Imagine what we can do for your business by creating a custom seal-air inflatable. Together, with your idea and our imaginative team, the possibilities are endless.


Why choose a sealed-air inflatables?
All our products are custom-made. Most of our custom inflatables (cold-air inflatables) require the use of an air blower to keep the inflatable inflated.We at Interactive Inflatables have had a lot of interest for giant custom inflatables to float around in pools at various hotel parties, music festivals as well as other smaller and bigger events. There are times when a power source may not be available to hook up to, that's when a sealed-air inflatable can come in handy. Like all our custom inflatables, our custom sealed-air inflatables can be branded and also placed in locations where power isn't available. Call us and ask to speak to a sales representative to see what we can come up with for you.