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Custom Military Inflatables

Military Inflatable Recruitment and Training Promotional Inflatables manufacture.

Interactive Inflatables is a USA manufacturer of inflatable military marketing / promotional products producing high quality, inflatable military recruiting event inflatables, inflatable military decoys and inflatable costumes and mascots.

Inflate your recruitment efforts today with an interactive inflatable military recruiting event inflatable! Whether you desire an inflatable military sport game for recruitment events or inflatable military costumes and mascots, inflate your military recruiting events with a National Guard inflatable, MCR air blown inflatable, or Army inflatable costume and mascots. Giant military air blown inflatables are the best way to get your military branch noticed. A cold air military inflatable can make a lasting impression and create military branch excitement with your targeted market. With an interactive inflatable military inflatable your cold air inflatable will get the attention you demand.


Inflatable military costumes and Inflatable military mascots are crowd friendly and memorable. An inflatable costume is much cooler and easier for your performer to wear. Shipping from event to event is simple, the lightweight costume deflates in seconds and packs into a compact, easy to ship box via FedEx or UPS.

In addition to those products, we manufacturer Inflatable military decoys and custom military inflatable products. Interactive Inflatables has been the military inflatable industry leader since 1994 in the manufacture of inflatable military products. All manufacturing is done here in the USA using exclusive Interactive Inflatables web reinforcing manufacturing techniques. Whether you are searching for inflatable military decoys or inflatable training devices, we are an approved GSA military inflatable manufacture contractor that knows how to meet your needs quickly.

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