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Custom Mascot Inflatables

Promote your brand, mascot or image with an inflatable walkabout costume. Customers will associate your image and your product or service and will remember you when you have an inflatable mascot at your promotions. Attendees that see your inflatable costumes will associate your product with the image you wish to create.

Inflatable costume characters are great attention grabbers for special events or just about any time you’d like to do something different. View some examples of custom advertising inflatables costumes we have created for our clients. Air-inflated walk-about mascots come to life, are a functioning work of art and an effective marketing tool for any marketing promotion or event.


Wondering How You Wear Your Inflatable Costume?

Simple, An internal air blower keeps the inflatable costume inflated with constant fresh, circulating air. These inflatable costumes accommodate different sizes of wearers and offer a very comfortable experience while animating a larger-than-life mascot character. Inflatable costumes are easy to put on, run completely with light weight batteries. Just step into the inflatable costume like you would any kind of coverall and zip it up, the air pump is powered by a 12 volt battery. The secret to inflatable character costumes is the small, battery-operated fan system that is strapped to the waist of the individual inside. This system even keeps the costume wearer much cooler than conventional costumes. In addition, advertising inflatables costumes are very durable and lightweight, so they’re not a hot and heavy burden to wear. These inflatable costumes offer great design flexibility and can be created in varying heights and shapes. Let us create a custom inflatable costumes for you.