Inflatable Archways

Archway inflatables can be used at your race events or as a branded promotional sale display.

Custom Promotional Inflatables

Add excitement and interactive interaction to your promotion or event with our custom promotional rooftop inflatables.

Inflatable Product Replicas

These custom inflatables add excitement to any expos, exhibitions, promotional and charity events.

Sports & Game Inflatables

Branded inflatable games and sports pens are a huge success at events of all kinds.

Inflatable Sport Tunnels

Custom built inflatable tunnel specifically for you using your mascot, school colors, or theme.

Inflatable Dome & Misting Tents

Inflatable misting tents are a perfect way to cool any outside sporting event, festival or fair.

Obstacle Courses & Slides

Obstacles include a climbing wall, tunnels, tubes and tanks, or customize it with your own obstacles.

Branded Prize Wheels

A must for trade shows, in store promotions, prize giveaways and promotional events.

Logo Walls

Inflatable logo walls are affordable and eye-catching promotional tools.

Custom Jumpers

Push your sales through the roof, and add more profit to your promotions with outdoor advertising inflatables!

Military Inflatables

GSA Military Inflatable contractor USA inflatable manufacture.

Air Dancing Guys

These roof-top air dancing guys command attention to your special event.

We specialize in custom advertising Inflatables, inflatable race archways, inflatable product replicas, custom prize wheels and more!

Bring your event or marketing effort to life with a custom branded advertising inflatable! These advertising inflatables are great for any outdoor promotions such as grand openings, race events and trade shows. With a custom inflatable logo, branded prize wheel or inflatable archway you will have the opportunity to get your message or logo seen.

In addition to our custom giant inflatables, air blown inflatables, cold air inflatables, and advertising balloons--we create promotional tools for event marketing, outdoor and indoor promotions, trade shows with custom design prize wheels, spinning wheels, promotional wheels, point of purchase spinning wheels, floor-standing wheels and mini wheels of fortune. We specialize in creating high quality custom prize wheels, game wheels, wheels of fortune, and custom prize wheels with your company's colors and logos.


A Homecoming Win for Olympian High School

15'L x 11'W Custom Eagle Sports Tunnel

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Latest Projects

Arizona Western College - Custom Mascot Inflatable

A 20ft Custom Mascot Inflatable for Arizona Western College made by Interactive Inflatables.

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From the Blog

Military Inflatables

January 16, 2018

Patriot Missile System - Military Decoy Inflatable

Inflatable military decoy replicas can be used as training devices or decoys. Many of the world's militaries still use dummy weapons such as inflatable military decoys, specially since today's combat vehicles are very expensive.

he importance of Inflatable militar
y decoy replicas will increase over time since real military vehicles are getting more and more expensive. Interactive Inflatables can design and manufacture any military fighting vehicle as a full size inflatable replica.  Inflatable military decoy replicas are specially designed to simulate actual military equipment as closely as possible.  Thermal image items can be enhanced to simulate heat from engine exhaust and jet exhaust.

Get Your Product Recognized with a Product Replica

October 19, 2017

A product replica is a great way to introduce, promote and advertise a product, brand or corporate identity. Interactive Inflatables specializes in helping visualize and creating giant inflatables to meet the needs of our clients. We've created thousands of custom inflatables for the smallest start ups to the largest companies out there.

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Since 1994, Interactive Inflatables has been the leader in quality custom made inflatables. We manufacture all of our inflatables here in the USA, using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques. We have the shortest production lead time of any custom inflatable manufacturer. Your custom advertising inflatable will be made to the exact specification desired. We create a wide variety of unique, one of a kind advertising inflatables, inflatable games and giant inflatables that are distinctively yours. With advertising Inflatables, inflatable logo walls, outdoor inflatable displays and inflatable product replicas, we can turn your product into a larger than life advertising inflatable promotional tool to target your markets, bring brand awareness and promote business.

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